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Old 10-12-2008
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Default The Black Knight Brotherhood is recruiting for Darkfall!

The Black Knight Brotherhood (BKB)-FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE Savage alliance (the largest pre-game alliance to date)


First of all, we would like to welcome you to the Darkfall Community. Some of our members have been following this exciting game for some time now, and are more than happy to help out new as well as older community members. We would like to tell you a little history of our clan, our goals for Darkfall, what we can offer, and what you can do to be a part of our legacy.


Our clan, the Black Knight Brotherhood, or more simply BKB, was formed almost seven years ago. During those seven years, we have accumulated over 800 members from 13 countries with experience in many MMORPGs including WWII Online (Our Core Game), SWG, DAOC, and EVE. In each of these games, BKB has set a precedence of forming well known, respected, and highly successful guilds. Our officers and members together have experience in hundreds of different games.


Our main goal in Darkfall is to be a fully self-sufficient clan. We will begin our adventure with the establishment of our capital city. From there we will control our kingdom with the help of our strong player base. We welcome all types of players, from Role-players to pure PvP characters, highly skilled artisan crafters, and everything in between. We will rely on in-house crafters to supply us with all needed goods and supplies. This will ensure that all gold stays within guild, making us all richer in the process. Our members will defend our kingdom vigorously from all hostile forces, establish vital supply lines, and work tirelessly to put the BKB name on the front pages of Darkfall news.

Our other goal will be to simply have fun. We all have lives, jobs, and social lives. A game such as Darkfall is designed to be open ended. Do what you want, and have fun doing it. We don't expect you to follow strict raid times, minimum play time per week, or ridiculous membership requirements. The community that BKB offers will provide an overwhelming amount of friendships, memories, and good times.

Here are a few more of the advantages Membership in BKB has to offer:

*Dedicated, Active ventrilo Server that all members are required to use when playing
*Dedicated Clan Web Site with Highly Active Forums
*Monthly Clan/Community News letter
*A Clan that Stresses Teamwork, Respect and Loyalty – Our Core Principles
*A Group of Dedicated and Skilled Players with Experience in Managing Large Clans for over 10 years
*Group Experience from Previous Team-Based MMORPGs
*A Clan that is Open to Both New and Experienced Players
*A Clan that takes Pride in Orientating New Members
*A Clan that Stresses Maturity Over Age; We All Know that Age does not Guarantee Maturity
*A Clan that will Work Towards Being Fully Self-Sufficient, but Willing to Reach Out and Work with Other Guilds to Enhance the Enjoyment of All Members
*Role playing is not Required, but will be Encouraged
*Opportunities for Both the Casual and Hardcore Gamer
*A Focus on FUN!!!


The Black Knight Brotherhood has decided to work with the Ork and Mahirim alliance to accomplish its goals. Player polls have shown that we are interested in forming an evil horde of warriors who will kill all those who stand in our way, while following our Code of Ethics. This code is a Lawful Evil template for how we behave in game. Mainly, it states that all those that stand in the way of BKB will be destroyed without mercy.

Does this sound like a community that you would be interested in? You are in luck, because you have a chance to be a part of our conquest. BKB is currently following an open recruitment policy based on trust and respect. We are seeking skilled PvPers, talented crafter s, ruthless pirates, rich merchants, and witty diplomats. Our open policy does, however, require the regular use of our forums, Ventrilo, and the following of our code of ethics. This should be no problem, as our forums are highly active and our Ventrilo is always occupied. We welcome all players and offer an initial amount of respect to all, but as soon as anyone gives us a reason to disrespect them, we will ask them to leave our ranks.


To start the recruitment process, first take a look around our website, Browse the general forums, check out our Code of Ethics, with the interactive map of Agon that our webmaster worked hard on. Feel free to make a post introducing yourself and proclaiming interest in our community. You will be welcomed by all and soon be contacted by an officer. The How to Join thread will give all needed information on joining.

Questions? PM one of our Officers – Webco, Dagger, or Mlucas,.
Hope to hear from you soon…

It does not matter on your time zone you will play in or the Country you play from. BKB will be a 24/7 Guild , offering Guild events and support around the clock in any time zone for its members!

If interested in joining, you can find our application at www bkbhq com
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Old 11-12-2008
DuffMan DuffMan is offline
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Ah the good old clan days
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