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Old 19-06-2007
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Default The Sims2, Expansions, and Stuff Packs Install Order + Stories Series (CGuides)

Guide Quick Links

Sims 2™ Expansions and Stuff/Party Packs, What was Added
The Sims™ Stories Series Install Order


Alot of issues with installing Sims 2™ and any Expansion and Party or Stuff Packs can be avoided by installing in the order which they were released. Use this reference when installing your game + any expansions you own to help avoid issues with errors or failing to install properly. Also note that installing the latest update patch after each one that has a patch available is also helpful in avoiding issues when installing the next expansion/pack (when the game verifies if it is updated already or not). I have never had any issues installing and playing Sims 2™ and the Addons doing things this way.

I will update this guide as needed. I also have noted the release date next to each in green italic, this is using American Date Format as you can see (MM/DD/YY). All dates are based on US Releases (Euro may be a different release date, but should be same install order).

EP = Expansion Pack
PP = Party Pack
SP = Stuff Pack

Install Order:[list=1]
  1. 01.Sims2 ( protection SafeDisc v3.2 )
  2. 02.Sims2 patch v. ( protection SafeDisc v4.00.001 )
  3. 03.Sims2: University ( protection SafeDisc v4.00.001 )
  4. 04 Univeristy patch v. ( protection SafeDisc v4.00.001 )
  5. 05.Sims2: Nightlife (protection SafeDisc v4.00.001)
  6. 06.Nightlife patch v. ( protection SafeDisc 4.00.001 )
  7. 07.Sims2: ChristmasParty Pack(aka Holiday Party Pack for UK version of Sims2, unprotected )
  8. 08.Sims2: Open For Business ( protection SafeDisc v4.60.000 )
  9. 09.Open For Business patch v. 9 (protection Safedisc v4.60.000 )
  10. 10.Sims2: Family Fun Stuff ( protection SafeDisc v4.60.000 )
  11. 11.Family Fun Stuff patch v. ( protection SafeDisc v.4.60.000 )
  12. 12.Sims2: Glamour Life Stuff ( protection SafeDisc v4.60.000 )
  13. 13.Sims2: Pets ( protection SafeDisc v4.60.000 )
  14. 14.Pets patch v. ( protection SafeDisc v.4.60.000 )
  15. 15.Sims2: Happy Holiday(not the same with the Xmas pack, unprotected )
  16. 16.Sims2: Seasons ( protection SafeDisc 4.60.000)
  17. 17.Seasons patch v. ( protection SafeDisc v4.60.000)
  18. 18.Sims2: Celebration Stuff (protection SafeDisc 4.60.000)
  19. 19.Sims2: H&M Stuff ( protection Safedisc4.60.000/Securom7 )
  20. 20.Sims2: Bon Voyage ( protection Safedisc4.60.000/Securom7 )
  21. 21.Bon Voyage patch v. ( protection Safedisc4.60.000/Securom7 )
  22. 22.Sims2: Teen Style Stuff ( protection Safedisc4.60.000/Securom7 )
  23. 23.Sims2: Free Time ( protection Securom 7.035.0007 )
  24. 24.Free Time patch ( protection Securom 7.036.0011)
  25. 25.Sims2: Kitchen And Bath Interior Design Stuff ( protection Securom 7.036.011 )
  26. 26.Free Time patch
  27. 27.Sims2: IKEA Home Stuff ( protection Securom 7.37.0007 )
  28. 28.Free Time patch
  29. 29.Sims2: Apartment Life ( protection Securom 7.37.0012 )
  30. 30.Apartment Life patch v1.16.0.194
  31. 31.Sims2:Mansion And Garden Stuff ( protection unknown)
  • A new patch was released June 18, 2007 for Seasons (EP5) to resolve issues with the last patch get updated again...
  • Next to each patch, I listed the update version (as of this guide).
  • Holiday Party Pack and Happy Holiday Stuff, are different addons. Please do not confuse them as being the same, they are not the same addon.
  • Christmas Party Pack is the same as "Holiday Party Pack" The difference is only US vs UK/Euro versions.
  • Items marked with ** means there are 2 versions. One you can purchase seperately and one that comes with Holiday Edition Versions 1 and 2.
  • Items marked with *** means there are 2 versions, the Full version and the Mini-Pack. the Full version contains 60 new stuff, and the Mini-Pack has around half of the full pack. If you have the Holiday Edition (Version 2) of The Sims 2, the full version is supplied with the game.
Sims 2™ Versions and Release Dates:
  • Sims 2™ (4 CD or 1 DVD) - September 17, 2004
  • Sims 2™: Holiday Edition (Version 1) - November 17, 2005 - (Core game, Holiday Edition Version 1 Contains Holiday Party Pack)
  • Sims 2™: Holiday Edition (Version 2) - November 7, 2006 - (Core game, Holiday Edition Version 2 Contains Happy Holiday Stuff)
  • Sims 2™: Deluxe Edition - May 8, 2007 - (Core game, The Sims 2: Nightlife, Bonus DVD)
  • Sims 2™: Double Deluxe - April 15, 2008 - (Core game - The Sims 2: Deluxe, The Sims 2: Celebration! Stuff)
Patches can always be found at:

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Old 19-06-2007
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Default Sims 2 Expansions + Stuff/Party Packs, what was added? (In a NutShell) (CGuides)

Sims 2™ Expansions + Stuff/Party Packs, what was added? (In a NutShell):

The Sims 2™: University:
- New Young Adult Age Group
- Become the Big Sim on Campus
- Earn Degrees to Open Up New Careers
- New College Towns
- College Lifestyle
- Lifetime Wants
- Pranks
- Influence
- 4 Graduate Careers
- Zombies
- Over 100 New Objects and Decor Items

The Sims 2™: Nightlife:
- Dating
- Downtown Community
- Grilled Cheese Aspiration
- Chemistry
- Fury
- Determine the fate of your sims love life
- Pleasure Aspiration
- 'Drivable' Vehicles
- Send sims out on dates, etc..
- Vampires
- Over 125 New Objects & Items

The Sims 2™: Christmas Party Pack / Holiday Party Pack:
- Over 40 New Items for Christmas Celebrations
- Christmas
- Halloween
- Thanksgiving
- Hanukkah
- Kwanzaa

The Sims 2™: Open for Business:
- Businesses
- Shopping Districts
- Talent Badges
- Be your own Boss
- Robots
- Elevators
- Learn the tricks of the trade (Develope Sales Skills etc...)
- Turn your talent into cash (Toy Making etc..)
- Over 125 New Items

The Sims 2™: Family Fun Stuff:
- New Decor
- New Styles
- 60 New Stuff
- Fairy tale
- Nautical

The Sims 2™: Glamour Life Stuff:
- New Home Decor
- New Outfits
- 60 New Stuff
- Luxury
- Couture

The Sims 2™: Pets:
- Your Sims Have Pets!
- Pet Store Lots
- Create Pets
- Pets have Genetics
- Teach Pets Tricks
- Pets Have Jobs
- Show Off and Share Your Pet Creations
- Werewolves

The Sims 2™: Happy Holiday Stuff:
- 60 New Items
- Holiday Home Decor
- Holiday Lumberjack Statuette
- Huge Tree Extravaganza
- Ski Jump Frosty
- Holiday PJs
- Cheongsam
- Artic Santa
- Asian Holiday Elements

The Sims 2™: Seasons:
- Dramatic and Detailed Weather Effects
- Riverblossom Hills Neighborhood
- Benefit from Each Season (Effects Moods, etc...)
- Share New activities (Snowmen etc...)
- Reap the Fruits of Your Sims' Labors (Growing/Harvesting Food)
- Master New Talents (Gardening Club etc..)
- Talent Badge for Children
- Explore 6 New Careers
- Dress for the Season
- Fun New Items
- Fishing
- Gardening
- PlantSims

The Sims 2™: Celebration Stuff:
- Plan Weddings
- Decorate for Celebrations (ex. Weddings & Birthdays)
- Fiesta and Party Accessories

The Sims 2™: H&M Fashion Stuff:
- Dress up for the season (Summer)
- H&M Retail Design Features (Design your own H&M Retail Store)
- Spotlight Top Fashions
- Latest Fashion Collections from H&M

The Sims 2™: Bon Voyage:
- Vacations in Tropical Oriental and Woodland (Camping) Areas
- Traditions & Items (collect shells, find new locations, rare items, etc..)
- NPC's (Fire Dancers, Bellboys, Ninja, etc..)
- Activities (Sunbathing, Massage, etc..)
- Pirate Ship (climb onto and play on)
- New objects for building
- Piercings, (rings, etc..)

The Sims 2™: Teen Style Stuff:
- Unique furniture, decor items, fashions, etc...
- Three distinct themes - Goth, Thrasher, and Socialite.
- New gadgets, TV's Stereos, etc..

The Sims 2™: FreeTime:
- New activities, restoring vehicles, playing catch, etc.. (Sports, Science, Art & Crafts, etc..)
- Lifetime awards for hobbies
- Sell Arts & Crafts etc..
- New activities for kids (Playing with blocks, Drawing, etc..)
- Low skilled hobbiest can have unexpected results (uneven jars on pottery, etc..)

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Old 19-06-2007
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Default Sims 2 Help and other Information (CGuides)

Sims 2 Help and other Information:
Sims 2 runs from the last "Expansion" installed. If you have all the expansion and stuff/party packs for example, even though Celebration Stuff and Fashion Stuff are installed after Seasons, you will run the game using the Seasons shortcut and Seasons Play Disc since Seasons is an Expansion and the other mentioned 2 are only Stuff Packs.

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Old 19-06-2007
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Default Sims Life Stories + Expansions Install Order (CGuides)

The Sims Life Stories is a completely new series from Maxis/EA. It does not require any previous version of Sims to play. Sims Stories series is also made "notebook" friendly so you can play on your notebook/labtop PC. Pets includes a battery indicator so you can monitor your battery power during gameplay.

Install Order - NONE They are seperate games.
  • Life Stories - February 6, 2007 - SafeDisc 4
  • Pet Stories - June 19, 2007 - SecuROM 7
  • Castaway Stories - January 28, 2008 - SecuROM 7

Official Website:

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Old 19-06-2007
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Reserved... (reserving these spots for additional info)
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Old 22-06-2007
DuffMan DuffMan is offline
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Nice work there Crypton
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Old 25-06-2007
wolfsrain wolfsrain is offline
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It's just me or EA seems to rerelease the original Sims expansions for Sims2?!!!
It only missed two, but the year is young(Superstar and Making Magic).
Just my opinion:
Nightlife=Hot Date + House Party
Seasons and Bon Voyage = Vacation
The Stuff Packs = Living Large
Pets = Pets Unleashed
Anyway, fabulous job, Crypton.
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Old 15-01-2008
wolfsrain wolfsrain is offline
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Also you may update the patches section with the Bon Voyage patch.
Hobbies(or Free Time, that depends where you live) is around the corner, the release being announced for the beginning of February. Castaway Stories will come out at the end of this month.
Also Bon Voyage has a changed protection, which is a mix between Securom and Safedisc.
The Teen Stuff pack is also missing from the installation guide. If I remember well, it's after Bon Voyage, though not sure about that.

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Old 15-01-2008
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yup I know I need to update, just been busy.
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Old 16-01-2008
wolfsrain wolfsrain is offline
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Well, it's a good guide, anyway. I've just used it to install the whole Sims2 experience(original plus addons plus stuff packs) on the PC of a friend. She loved the first Sims and she went berserk a few days ago and bought all the releases in Sims2 serie. Of course, she was stuck when it was about to install those
It was a pain in the... know, just to install all that. Hopefully, I'm not going to do this soon, again...
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