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Old 31-01-2005
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Exclamation The ONLY Sims 2 Thread - Full No-CD (-DVD) Solution

Okay, since too many threads are being started asking things that have been answered times and times again in guides and/or posts, I'm putting this guide up, so we can avoid confusions and multiple topics about the same thing.

If after reading this guide, you still have a problem, REPLY to this topic, stating clearly what your problem is.

Any threads started after this guide regarding a problem with getting Sims 2 to play will be closed.

Note that any info in this thread has been posted a thousand times again, and I'm not trying in any way to steal others' solutions, or make myself famous. I'm just trying to help.

Small note: Many thanks go to Zedy for providing answers to a lot of people's problems in this thread. I hope he understands that the only reason I deleted his posts is that I'm trying to keep all the answers in one post, and not that I'm trying to take any credit from him.

Another note: This guide has been updated for use with Sims 2 University too.

So, to the guide/FAQ/whatever you want to call it now.

Q: The installer stops at the end of first CD (about 22%) and asks me if I want to play the game. What is wrong?

A: It is something that happens completely randomly to some people. Just reboot your computer and try instaling the game again (uninstall first if necessary.)

Q: The game asks for the correct CD / does not start at all / says that it has found emulation software and cannot start.

A: This is the most common problem that people have with Sims 2, so the following step-by-step guide should clear any questions you have. Make sure you follow it correctly.

1. First of all, install the game. Either from the CDs or the images on your PC, install the game and DirectX 9c, as well as the latest drivers for your graphics card, and restart if necessary. DO NOT, and I say DO NOT install any crack or mess with ANY file inside the game's folder.

STOP AND READ HERE! Note that incompatibilities appear between many games and CloneCD. If you are willing to remove CloneCD, go directly to step 2b. If not, go to step 2a.

2a. Read CAREFULLY the instructions kindly provided by another user in this post and skip to step 4.

2b. Make sure you DO NOT have Clone CD installed AFTER the game is installed. If you still have it on your computer, go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and select Clone CD, then click Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions. Go to Step 3.

3. To ensure Clone CD is no longer installed and no leftovers are inside your system's registry (a.k.a. The Lifetime Memories of Windows), download this little utility that will help you remove all leftovers from your computer. Just download from the above link, install it, search for it in your computer through Windows Explorer (normally installed in C:\Program Files\Regcleaner) and start it. Search through the list for any entry with both words "Clone CD" in it and select it for deletion.

4. Now download:
Sims 2 Mini Image
Sims 2 University Mini Image
Extract all its contents in an easy-to-remember folder such as C:\Sims2MiniImage.

5. Make sure that Alcohol or any other virtual drive program that may be installed in your PC has got NO virtual drives currently enabled. Search the respective program's documentation in order to find how you can disable ALL virtual drives it has created.

6. Download the latest Daemon Tools here:

7. Install Daemon Tools and restart your computer.

8. When your computer starts again, a new red or green icon with a thunder should appear on the bottom-right corner of your screen, the tray-bar. Click on it and go to Device 0.

9. Browse through your computer for the files you downloaded and extracted in Step 4 and select the SIMS21_MINI.MDS (for the original Sims 2) or the BLH-TS2U1.mds (for the Sims 2 University) file.

10. Wait 20 seconds, and then right click on the icon again and go to Emulation and then click on ALL OPTIONS ON.

11. Double-click on The Sims 2 shortcut on your desktop and the game should work fine.

P.S. It has worked for some that after running the game once, installing CloneCD again wouldn't make the game stop working. Tell us if it works for you.

Q: The game still asks for the correct CD. I'm sure I followed all the steps correctly. What should I do?

A: It seems that you had already tried a cracked exe of the game and didn't manage to get it to play. You'll have to replace the cracked sims2.exe (for the original Sims2) or sims2ep1.exe (for Sims 2 University) with the original one, found in your 4th cd of the original game or the 2nd cd of the University expansion, compressed in the file "" or in the root folder of the cd. Find it and extract/copy it to the TSBin subfolder in the folder the game was installed. Make sure you click Yes on the message asking if you want to replace the already existing file.

Q: I cannot save. The game crashes when the Saving Lot dialog box appears.

A: At first glance, I'd say you are still using the cracked exe. Make sure you follow the guide correctly, and replace the cracked exe you may have downloaded with the original one. If you are sure you have followed the guide correctly, then try disabling any anti-virus software you may have installed, and if that does not work either, try updating your graphics card drivers, a solution which has been reported to work.

If you have a NVidia Graphics Card, go to:
If you have an ATI Graphics Card, go to:

If you don't know what graphics card you have installed, click on Start, then on Run, and enter "dxdiag". After it has finished loading, click on the Display tab (if it has two, on the first one) and on the top-left corner it should report what's the model as well as the manufacturer.

Q: The game freezes all the time inside the game. For a while it is playable, but then it freezes again.

A: Read the solution for the Save problem, just above. In addition, try updating your audio drivers.

To do that, first go to Start > Run, then enter "dxdiag". When the program has finished loading, go to the Sound tab (if there are two, then the first one) and on the top left corner you should be able to see the model of your sound card. Note it down and then go to Google, and try a search, adding the word "drivers" to your search.

Q: The Sims 2 University expansion loads fine, but when I try to enter a house, the game seems to load, but never ends loading.

A: This is due to some hack you have installed, that may have worked fine with the original Sims 2, but is not compatible with the University expansion. Check your Sims 2 Downloads folder with Sims 2 Pack Scanner (search for this utility in Google) and uninstall any hacks you don't really need. Note that if these hacks are already used in any of your houses, that house will remain inaccessible after uninstall, so you'll have to evict the family.

Q: Trying to install the nude patch I found on the net I get an error about the msvbvm60.dll file. What is wrong?

A: First of all, I want to warn you that some of the nude patches out there install cracked exes during the installation, so if the game does not start or problems occur after installing the patch, make sure you follow the guide's instructions on replacing the cracked exe with the original one. About the msvbvm60.dll file, it is a Visual Basic library the patch needs in order to be installed. It can be downloaded here.

Q: I heard that there is a crack that works fully and is still posted on various sites. Does it really work?

A: Actually, there is ONE crack that does work fully with the original Sims 2 and has been verified to. It is the Money's No-DVD release, which works if you have the International CD or DVD version of the game. This crack can be downloaded here.

It is NOT guaranteed to work, the only method that is is the step-by-step guide above.

As for the University expansion, I won't bother with any no-cd cracks, until I see one that really works.

Q: I've followed the guide correctly, but I'm still getting an error about my system not having a DirectX 9c compliant card, although I have downloaded DirectX 9c and installed it. What is the problem?

A: Electronic Arts Technical Support has given an answer to this problem. You can view the solution here.

If you still have a problem, try disabling any refresh rate overriding software (such as Refresh Force) before trying to run The Sims 2.

Q: I can start the game correctly, and build mode as well as saving works, but I'm having in-game problems. What shall I do?

A: Remember that this thread is not the place to ask about technincal problems. You should go to EA's Technical Support homepage and check if a solution to your problem exists. If you cannot find a solution, using the "Ask a question" feature will get one of the kind EA Tech people to answer to your problem within 48 hours.

Note for Sims 2 University users: Although the original Sims 2 had only the saving and building problems as issues when having used a no-cd crack, this first expansion lists no less than 30 issues that you will have if using a no-cd crack! So remember that the only guaranteed and sure way to play without a CD or DVD, and not have any of these problems, is following the step-by-step guide above.

That about sums it up. For any questions or problems you still have, remember, REPLY to this topic, stating clearly your problem.

Any new solutions will be added to this guide for your convenience.

Old 20-02-2005
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Thumbs down THE SIMS 2 v1.0 [ENGLISH] *DVD RELEASE* FIXED EXE (12.7MB)

im having trouble with "THE SIMS 2 v1.0 [ENGLISH] *DVD RELEASE* FIXED EXE (12.7MB)" doesnt work, it tells me to insert correct disc..and I even clicked the exe (crack) outside TS2 directory and it still says the insert correct disc....

what could be the problem?
Old 20-02-2005
Posts: n/a

Have you even read the guide? Are you sure you have the international version? Maybe you should just follow the step-by-step guide to get your game to play.
Old 20-02-2005
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Default Yes I did

I did read the guide.. nothing helps
Old 21-02-2005
Posts: n/a

I downloaded the fixed exe, and the game will play through the intro, but as soon as it ends, it closes. My roommate downloaded the same one and it works perfectly on her computer. We both run Windows XP... Any ideas?
Old 21-02-2005
DuffMan DuffMan is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
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Originally Posted by bluyndrdrms
I downloaded the fixed exe, and the game will play through the intro, but as soon as it ends, it closes. My roommate downloaded the same one and it works perfectly on her computer. We both run Windows XP... Any ideas?

Try Ctrl + Alt + Del when at desktop, and see what programs are running, there may be a conflict between the Sims 2 and some program installed, sometimes its as simple as disabling Norton Antivirus, or ending one of the tasks running in the background.
Old 22-02-2005
Posts: n/a

Hello from Nantes (Fr).
"The lucky ones talk to the unlucky others...."

I applied exactly the advices from DarkLeftos' initial post.
2 differences :
-I run french versions.
-I planned to enable playing for non-admins (XP pro).

This is a hit! Thank you, DarkLeftos, for collecting and grouping all those contributions.
Thank you to all contributors, starting with Zedy.
To enable playing for non-admins, I installed the EA fix ( just after the game was installed.

Hum, something else, I have to confess that I had no emulator installed before!

Arrivederci tutti
Old 24-02-2005
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Default Is This a First?

Hi all.
I am having a problem not yet mentioned ( I think ).
I made a copy of the first disc and to test it I installed the game using it.
All was fine.
The kids came to use it but they got a windows error report.
The one that says do you want to send error report.
Using the original disc is fine, so the game installed ok.
Any clues?
I am thinking of becoming a pirate game user.
These protection systems cause legit users more grief than it's worth.
Old 24-02-2005
Posts: n/a

@ Spooked:
Thinking of becoming a pirate game user? Nope, just don't do that. Protections are nothing to make worth stealing.

Using the step-by-step guide, you should get the game to run without any cd, just follow it and you'll be okay.
Old 24-02-2005
Posts: n/a

Hi DL.
One thing I can't find with the step by step.
In part three you say to download a little util to get rid of any leftovers of clonecd.
I can't see the link I am meant to click.
Am I missing it or is it realy not there?
Oh yeah, n how do you know if you have the international version?
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