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Default World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

Ok. Ok. Everybody knows about upcoming expansion for WoW. Since i ever know, it's very big uuupcoming... Whatever... I think it will be great.
I've played WoW before a few months... but when i heard that the bolt new races will be more powerful than the old eight, i'd give up, and it's a fact that everybody who play wow till now will playing with new races (i will bw a blood elf ). The intro mouvie which can be downloaded via is fascinating. As i see, the 25% bonus new territory called Outland will be the realm of the central person (in chapter I of the expansion for Warcraft III) Illidan who said the sentences:
"Imprisoned for 10.000 years"
"Banished from my own homeland"
"And now you dare to enter my realm?"
"You are not prepared..."


I think that the realese date is 16 Januar. But a lot of thing are not finished...
Knowing the fact that WoW was not very impressing at the begining, but patch/s made a wonderful game. I think the same thing will be with the expansion. So i planned to bought before the summer, i think then will be balanced...
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