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Originally Posted by asdfff View Post
yesterday i had the problem and i did check here, but the solution given didn't work for me and i figured mine in a different way, thought saying it here so people like me in future may use it

first find the patch v1.72 that requires a simple search on net
that'll solve the issue but the problem is

"what if we can't patch it at all"

well for pre-patched games that are usually cracked already,
just replace ur warhammer.exe with the (warhammer.exe v1.0)
which can be found from the above post's link here, inside the link there's numerous versions of the crack,use the first crack version, replace it with ur warhammer.exe (whatever version u have)
that was how i fixed mine, while i couldn't patch due to pre-patched cracked pirated game, which gave me the "require previous version" error
Thanks for the input
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