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King's Bounty managed to suck me in. An excellent remake of the classic. Real Time when you are on the World Map, Turn Based combat, three classes, a lot of fun (the russians managed to make fun of every single fantasy stereotype that was out there). Not exactly a high seller, but any single review is praising them. The game might be hard for westerners, I've seen a lot of complaints in the english forums, but if you are a veteran of that kind of games, King's Bounty-Legend is a breeze. A colorful, funny breath of fresh air. The game it's done by someone who initially created 3 follow-ups to the original King's Bounty (granted they are all in russian, so me not knowing russian, I couldn't play those) and that very person saved the license from oblivion, managing to buy that particular title (yup, Ubisoft didn't add that to the Might and Magic package when they've took the IP from the dying 3DO, though it is well known the fact that without King's Bounty there wouldn't be a Heroes of Might and Magic).
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