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Crypton 21-12-2006 04:58 PM

Gothic 3 - Disapointing Patch

Originally Posted by Glockenbeat (Post 1957103)
Hi Community !

After a short delay the patch 1.12 for Gothic 3 is now online.

Here's again the overview of fixes:

- Fixed ambient sound bug
- Sound occlusion improved
- Several physics and character movement bugs fixed
- Inventory exploit fixed
- Camera behaviour improved
- Several mission logs fixed
- Several small quest bugs fixed
- NPCs don't die as quickly as before when fighting monsters. This helps party members to survive.

Mirrors: (several other mirrors listed)

If you got any other mirror please send me a PM with the link.


Original Post:

Check out the nice review a GameSpy Reviewer gave the game btw, as much as I usually never agree with GS (I personally hate GS) I agree almost 100% with their review, sad but true.

NITROUS SYSTEM 21-12-2006 10:31 PM

yeah i read that too....indeed it's very dissapointing!!!not so much fixes.....

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