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05-11-2007, 02:43 PM
Hi all.
I have bought a laptop with Vista (muck) on it.
It will run MotoGP 3 URT, however, i cannot configure controlers.
Nothing happens when i press the button.
Does anyone know of a way round this??
If not, can i wipe Vista and put my old desktop copy of XP on instead or do i need a laptop version of XP?

05-11-2007, 09:14 PM
have you tried to configure the control through windows first goto control panel -> printers and other hardware -> game controllers and set your controller through there first

Vista SP1 should be coming out in a couple of months that should fix the many many problems Vista has
http://www.vistasp1.net/ <- Vista fix list

06-11-2007, 07:39 AM
Thanks for the reply.
That isn't the problem, i cannot configure anything, not even the keyboard!
Before you go into the game a box appears that allows you to configure game, configure controllers and start game. On XP all was well, with Vista.......... XP was a pretty stable and reliable OS, that is why i'm thinking of wiping the laptop and using my old desktop XP. Just don't know if it will work?

I have just found out why it will not work.
Apparently it is down to those nice people at Microsoft yet again.
This was the answer from THQ, the game manufacturers about MotoGP 07, so it will be the same grief with any game needing direct input!

Moto GP 07 itself is fully compatible with Windows Vista; it is just the configuration utility which is not. The primary control for a PC game is the keyboard and mouse. Any gamepads, joysticks or steering wheels are secondary and therefore optional extras and currently do not fall under the game's own compatibility with Windows Vista.

Moto GP 07's readme file does state that the game controller configuration utility is not compatible with Windows Vista. This is due to Vista's current lack of support for Direct Input devices which is used by Moto GP 07 to communicate with game controllers.

This is due to the changes Microsoft made to DirectX 10 either removing or changing Direct Input to such an extent that it is not compatible with the DirectX 9.0c version. The only way this could possibly change is if Microsoft changes DirectX 10 to the extent that Direct Input compatibility is interchangeable between XP and Vista.

The only options at this stage are for you to play the game with keyboard and mouse, purchase a 360 gamepad (which doesn't use Direct Input at all), install a previous copy of Windows XP in a dual-boot system (i.e. have XP and Vista installed at the same time and swap between them) or return the game to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange for a new title until Microsoft makes the necessary changes to Direct Input in DirectX 10.